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The Diamond Club Top Broker Award 2021 by Nakheel

  • March 7th, 2022

We achieved success by working hard and believing in ourselves. It is an honour to be in the top Three Real Estate Brokers for Nakheel and be awarded the Best Broker Award for 2021, along with membership in Nakheel’s Diamond Club. Drehomes’ success is a result of its commitment to growth. Our goal is to remain optimistic and motivated at all times. We are inspired to work harder by the tokens of appreciation we receive, and we hope to add more awards to our ever-growing list of accomplishments in the future. This accomplishment was made possible through the leadership and planning efforts of the team. This award was made possible by the team’s encouragement, which made our performance even better. Dre is proud to have such an excellent team.

We are very proud to have received the award. The experience was uplifting for us all. The atmosphere was positive and enthusiastic when we received the award. An honour was bestowed not just on one person but also on the entire Drehomes family.

In all honesty, we believed we would keep our heads high. Nevertheless, this is our pride, and we hope to continue achieving great things and gaining more accolades in the future. Together, we hope to accomplish milestones and remain confident in our relationship with Nakheel.