16 Years Of Excellence In The Dubai Real Estate

Celebrating 16 Years of Excellence in the Dubai Real Estate

  • August 17th, 2023

Our journey of 16 remarkable years in the real estate industry has been extraordinary. It is a story of determination and shared vision that got us to where we are today. With an unwavering passion for real estate and a burning desire to build a thriving business, we set out on a path that turned dreams into reality.

Our story began as real estate agents at a local agency, where we gained invaluable experience and market insight. These initial days laid the foundation of our journey, teaching us the intricacies of the real estate landscape.

In 2007, our aspirations took shape when we founded our own real estate company, Drehomes. Despite limited capital, we had a treasure even more valuable than money: a clear vision. The name Drehomes itself was carefully chosen, representing our core values and ambitions. We aimed to establish a company synonymous with quality, trust, and customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that dedication and determination can overcome obstacles and lead us to greatness.

As time passed, we reached the pinnacle of 16 years in the real estate industry. This journey full of joy and innovation has seen us march towards success through trust and excellence. We look ahead with enthusiasm, aiming to surpass our past achievements.

We express our gratitude to the entire DRE family for their unwavering support and trust. Our 16 years in the Dubai real estate market may seem paradoxical – the years passed quickly, yet our growth feels like it’s been here for much longer.

Our incredible journey shows how growth and development thrive on hard work, vision, passion, and dedication. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with clients, developers, and agents, contributing to our success.

The real estate landscape has changed in these 16 years, but our steadfast position remains. Through changing times, we have maintained our commitment to quality and trust.

For 16 years, Drehomes Real Estate has made home buying easy, building lasting relationships with clients. Despite the challenges, our growth remains steady, driven by our core mission.

As we reflect on these 16 incredible years, we are excited about the future. Our journey has been spectacular and driven by dedication, innovation, and shared beliefs. There is no limit to the excitement of what lies ahead.




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