Damac Broker Awards 2022

DAMAC Broker Awards 2022 Mid-Year Celebrations

  • July 5th, 2022

Drehomes would like to congratulate the diligent and devoted Dre team on winning the Damac Broker Award 2022 mid-year celebration. Bravo! Our team is much more than a collection of individuals that work together. Our crew is a family that watches out for one another.

We were delighted to receive the honor. At the award ceremony, there was tremendous excitement and energy in the room. This recognition is given to the whole family of Drehomes rather than to a single person. Stepping on stage felt like performing in front of a celebrity-studded crowd.

We believe that success comes through collaboration, and our company earned recognition for its efforts. We are a team because we respect each other, not because we work together.

It was as simple as keeping our heads above water to stay afloat. It is an honor to get this award, and we will continue to climb the ranks and fill our cabinet with additional accolades.

We are reaching new milestones as our cooperation with Damac becomes increasingly productive.