Inspiring Journey of DRE Real Estate Founder Qurat Ul Ain

We are thrilled to share the incredible recognition that our esteemed Chairperson, Qurat Ul Ain, has received from the renowned Greater Kashmir newspaper. This acknowledgement not only honours her exceptional achievements but also celebrates the values of innovation, leadership, and empowerment that she personifies. Qurat Ul Ain’s journey stands as a testament to unwavering determination and the relentless pursuit of excellence, forever etching her name into the vibrant landscape of Dubai’s real estate sector.

“In the dynamic city of Dubai, where the real estate arena thrives amid fierce competition, one name radiates as an unparalleled force – Qurat Ul Ain. Hailing from the serene valleys of Kashmir, this exceptional woman has carved an inspiring path to success through sheer passion and unwavering dedication.” – The Greater Kashmir added

She began her journey to success at an early age when she sold privilege cards for prestigious Middle Eastern hotels, including the Le Meridian Hotel Group. In recognition of her talents and dedication, she was named MENA Salesperson of the Year.”

In 2007, with the experience and attitude of a fast-rising sales professional, she co-founded DRE Real Estate. Partnering with Mudasir Wani, the duo set out to create an agency that would redefine standards in the industry. Mudasir Wani, the CEO of DRE, has proved to be a very productive supporter.

Over the years, DRE flourished under her visionary leadership and amassed a remarkable achievement: cumulative career sales exceeding an astonishing 10 billion AED. This achievement speaks volumes about the company’s unmatched success and reputation in the industry.

She is a vocal supporter of women’s empowerment and lives up to her motto “If I can do it, you can”.

Under her leadership, DRE Real Estate is committed to delivering unparalleled real estate services. Their approach emphasises meticulous care for each listing and guides buyers and sellers through the intricate market landscape, resulting in successful sales agreements. The company’s ethos of “Service Beyond the Sale” highlights its dedication to clients and pursuit of excellence.

Her journey serves as a beacon of hope and courage in a world often marked by limitations based on gender, origin, or background. Her story, alongside other tales of success, transcends boundaries and celebrates the enduring spirit of determination and passion. With her innovative ideas and exceptional leadership, she has become a symbol of triumph, reminding us all that true success knows no bounds.