Drehomes Monthly Awards

Monthly Awards Ceremony

  • February 15th, 2022

Every occasion deserves a special thanks, but when it comes to thanking your team, is there anything more rewarding than a monthly award ceremony? An appreciated person will work to their best ability, even if it is a small gesture, but motivating your employees to do their best should be your company’s strategy, and Drehomes understands the importance of motivating its employees, which is why we are bringing back our monthly awards program.

For November and December 2021, Drehomes presented its employees with monthly awards on 14 Feb 2022. As a consequence of Covid and other circumstances, the ceremony had to be postponed, but as we all know better late than never, Drehomes paid homage to the Dre team with all the enthusiasm and fun they exhibited throughout the month.

There is no I on the team, and with this mindset, the organization is fortunate to have a team of objective-oriented individuals dedicated to achieving the organization’s goals and doing their best.

The award presented was called “Agent Of The Month.” The award was presented to those who gave their best during November and December.