Ms Qurat Ul Ain an Incredible Indian Self-Made Woman

The Khaleej Times recognizes the achievements of self-made women who have overcome obstacles and made a significant impact in their respective fields. We are thrilled to announce that the chairperson of Drehomes, Ms Qurat Ul Ain, featured in the article of Khaleej Times an Incredible Indians – Savvy and Sassy Entrepreneur.

Dubai’s real estate market is extremely competitive, and Ms. Qurat Ul Ain Wani has made a name for itself in this booming market. She quickly became a savvy marketer by offering privilege cards to prestigious hotels in the Middle East, including the Le Meridian Hotel Group. She was named salesperson of the year for the whole MENA region at the age of only 23.

In 2007, Ms. Qurat Ul Ain Wani founded Drehomes Real Estate with the knowledge and mindset of a quickly-rising sales expert. She has made a name for herself in Dubai’s dynamic real estate industry, leaving her indelible imprint with her innovative ideas and exceptional leadership skills.

With her unwavering passion for real estate and commitment to excellence, she has become a leading figure in the city’s thriving property market. Her strategic vision and drive to succeed have inspired others to pursue careers in real estate, making her a true champion of change.

Today, she is recognized as one of the leading figures in Dubai’s real estate industry. Her legacy continues to inspire future generations of women to break down barriers and blaze new trails in the world of real estate. Inspiring others to pursue careers in real estate, she has become a true success story and a shining example of what women can achieve in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Since she believes in the empowerment of women, she has set a good example for others to follow. Having a passion for grooming entrepreneurs, she lives by the motto: “If I can, so you can.