Damac Billion Dollar Club

The Only Woman in The Billion Dollar Table Club

  • March 4th, 2022

Having been named to The Billion Dollar Table Club by Damac was a great honour, and Ms Qurat Ul Ain stands out as the only woman in this exclusive group. The Drehomes team wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Damac Properties for this prestigious award and the honour of being the top broker in the UAE.

As a company, we are proud of our success and hope to maintain it in the future. Drehome’s hard work has rewarded them. It is beneficial for us to have people who dedicate themselves to their roles and support each other.

Our entire Drehomes team deserves praise for the achievement, as the success cannot point to one particular person but the team as a whole. I applaud you because we are stronger as a team.

When we received this award and stepped onto the stage, our hearts were pounding rapidly, and the excitement on our faces was palpable. Everything seemed destined just right that day. Even the stars seemed to be happy for us. It was an evening filled with enthusiasm and positive energy when we received the trophy.

Our team received the award for their efforts, and we believe that success comes from working together. Respect makes us a team, not just teamwork.

This award is an honour, and we will continue to climb the rankings and add more accolades to our cupboard. Together, we are achieving milestones as our partnership with Damac gets stronger each day.