Quart Ul Ain

Success Comes from the Desire to Succeed

  • March 8th, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the chairperson of Drehomes, Ms Qurat Ul Ain, recently made the cover page of Passion Vista Magazine. She not only inspired youth but was also the only Woman at Damac’s Billion Dollar Table, encouraging and enlightening others to do their best. She believes that doing your best and proving yourself are the only things necessary for success. Everything else appears if you’re self-motivated and dedicated enough.

Billion Dollar Club Quart Ul Ain

It is a privilege to guide the youth of today and the future of this world, and Ms Qurat Ul Ain strives to motivate all those who think that working in a male-dominated field is impossible and give up. In addition to sharing her insights and words of wisdom with her readers, she encouraged them to believe in themselves because self-belief is crucial for success.

As a businesswoman with passion, she and her partners started Drehomes from scratch and put all their efforts into making it happen. The challenge of shining in a patriarchal industry is daunting, but today she holds a prominent position as the leading Asian woman in Dubai’s real estate industry.

Her beliefs and story are inspiring, and she has encouraged many people to chase their dreams. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs in Kashmir, she is the first businesswoman in her home and has strived for triumph from the very beginning of her career. From the moment she began her journey, she never looked back. She gained success through her hard work and loyalty to her profession.

She believes a person should be two things who they are and what they want to be. Anyone with enough determination can achieve anything. Your achievements don’t depend on your gender. It’s all about believing in yourself.

Her article listed many issues related to women’s empowerment, from balancing home and work to creating a comfortable work environment. She never hesitates to voice her ideas because, as she said, raising your voice doesn’t mean you are shouting. It just means that you are bold enough to share your opinion.

She also inspired youth to follow their passions, explaining how the world is like a blank canvas waiting for your thoughts to fill it.