Meydan Top Broker Award

The Diamond Club Top Broker Award 2021 by Meydan

  • March 7th, 2022

Effort and belief led to success. We are honoured to win the Top Broker 2021 award and be a part of Meydan’s The Diamond Club.

The success of Drehomes is due to its commitment to growth. It is our goal to maintain optimism and motivation at all times. As a result of the tokens of appreciation we receive, we are motivated to work even harder, and we hope to add more awards to our ever-growing list of achievements. Leadership and planning efforts enabled this achievement. As a result of the encouragement from our teammates, we were able to achieve this award. The Dre team is incredibly proud of its members.

It is an honour to receive this award. Everyone enjoyed the experience. Upon receiving the award, there was an energetic and positive atmosphere. The whole Drehomes family was honoured, not just one individual.

Honestly, we thought we would hold our heads high. Nevertheless, we are proud of our accomplishments, and we hope to do even better in the future. As we continue our relationship with Meydan, we hope to achieve milestones.