COVID-19 Arrival Guidelines by the UAE Government

  • August 8th, 2020

Dubai’s COVID-19 Arrival Guidelines for Residents, Visitors, Tourists explained:

UAE’s visit or tourist visas that expired after 1 March must leave the UAE within one month from 11 July 2020; that is by 11 August 2020. They can leave without facing any kind of problems and fines or violations for the past period. on 16 July, FAFIC mentioned that grace period of one month is renewable for another month upon request.

The Visa holder of UAE residence has to apply for permission at ICA(Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) or Dubai visa holder also applies via GDRFA Dubai (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) to arrive UAE. Whenever the approval is given, tickets of airlines might be purchased from any airline that would be Emirates airline, Fly Dubai, or airline exercise at Dubai Airports.

This is a must for all the tourists and visitors to show the COVID-19 test reports negative, and that must be less than 96 hours from the time the report is given in the lab for testing, at the passport control counter. Each country is facing the pandemic situation of COVID-19, the PCR might be asked upon arrival at Dubai.

There is a requirement for the PCR test of the people who reside in Dubai returning to the city upon arrival at Dubai Airports. PCR test is mandatory at the time of arrival both for the UAE nationals and residents at the airports which is currently cost-less.

Upcoming passengers (UAE nationals or residents) are needed to quarantine until the result declared negative. If the test of COVID-19 comes negative (not older than 96 hours), then all the restrictions will be removed.