Know your Rights as a Tenant

Your tenancy contract is one of the most important documents to consider while residing in Dubai, and knowing your tenancy rights and obligations are key to ensuring that you have a mutually respectful relationship with your landlord.

Tenant’s rights

  1. The landlord should not give you a home that is in a bad condition. They are bound by law, to hand over the property in good condition, which allows the tenant full use as stated in the contract.
  2. The landlord should not make you responsible for maintanance. As per the law and during the term of the contract, the landlord should be responsible for the property’s maintenance worksand for repairing any defect or damage that may affect the tenant’s intended use of the property.
  3. The landlord may not make any changes to the property or any of its amenities or annexes that would prevent the tenant from full use of the property as intended.
  4. The landlord must provide the tenant with the approvals required to be submitted to the competent official entities in the Emirate whenever and if the tenant wishes to carry out decoration works or any other works that require such approvals, provided that this does not affect the structure of the property and that the tenant has the official documents requesting such approvals.
  5. The landlord cannot threaten to withhold security deposit. If this happens, the tenant can complain to the rent dispute committee which will take a final decision
  6. The landlord is prohibited from disconnecting services to the property or preventing the tenant from benefiting from the property without notice. In the event of occurrence of such incidents, the tenant shall refer to police station in the same area to prove the case or to stop such prevention, and also file a case before the Rent Dispute Committee, enclosing supporting reports, for compensation of any damages.
  7. Rent increase for contract renewal is only allowed as per the RERA rental brackets as seen on the RERA website for different areas and types of properties.