Mudasir Wani

Founder & CEO

BRN: 7203

Mudasir Wani, an active finance organizer & planner for Drehomes. A graduate from the University Of Wollongong, completing his masters in International Banking Finance & Business , Mudasir crept into Dubai’s real estate market. Slowly but surely, he achieved what very few could have in the competitive real estate industry of Dubai.

The figures speak for themselves. In a span of only two weeks, Mudasir sold a villa project called Meydan By Shoba located in the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, valuing a total of one hundred sixty million dirhams (160 Million AED). Mudasir has sold an estimated property worth over two hundred and twenty million dirham’s (220 Million AED) within a span of six months only in DSO alone. For Mudasir, talents are multi-fold. Slowly and surely, he sets his eyes higher to achieve bigger and brighter for Drehomes.