Message From Founder & CEO

Dear Clients and Prospective Clients,

I take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Drehomes Real Estate, an award-winning, boutique brokerage property consultancy in Dubai.

Dubai’s real estate market is built on strong fundamentals and is bound to grow over the time. Over the years, billions of dollars have been invested in the emirate’s real estate market by over 200 nationalities from across the globe.

The emirate, which has positioned itself in the global economy as a bridge between East and West, is a destination where the world continues to invest. We are proud to be part of this spectacular growth.

Eleven years back, Drehomes united a group of successful real estate professionals and in a short span of time became the top brokerage house in Dubai, assisting and advising clients on buying and selling of assets, portfolio allocation and investment management.

Today, I take pride in saying that our consultants have been successful as they are fully dedicated to serving the needs of our clients in any challenging environment. Their passion, knowledge and disciplined professionalism have been appreciated, resulting in unmatched success and repeat customers.

Mudasir Mushtaq

Founder & CEO

Mudasir Mushtaq

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