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Rahul Saini Property Specialist

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Experience since: 2008
Office: +971 44 511 638
Mobile: +971 52 313 2483

“Sell the problem that you solve; not the product”, has been a lifeline tagline that Rahul has lived by.

With a work experience of 13 years, Rahul has a charismatic & humorous personality. He came to Dubai in February 2021 from a humble background in India and has been motivated by his Goals & Dreams.

He has been an Entrepreneur in his previous assignments along with corporate exposure where he has helped numerous small businesses to reach new heights while helping them to create a self-sustainable system for them.

“Sale is something that gives me a kick & keeps me moving. In fact, I believe everything we do in life, no matter what we are selling or the other while our roles could be different, but at the end of the day, we are selling our time for some amount of money, so sales are in our daily routine.

On my personal front, I love outdoor sports & dance. In fact, one of my goals is to become a professional dancer. Learning is the key area in my life so a few of my next goals are to learn at least 3-4 different languages, travel, of course, finish my first 100 books, I love spending time with my wife & my handsome Dog Hunter. My personal goal definitely has a long list but a few of them are to buy few houses, few expensive cars, limited edition watches, and gifts for myself & family.”

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