Damac Bay Apartments by Cavalli in Dubai Harbour


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AED 5559000

Damac Bay Apartments by Cavalli in Dubai Harbour


Damac Properties introduces a new waterfront development Bay by Cavalli in Dubai Harbour that features in Luxury Seafront 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, 3 to 5-bedroom super luxury duplex apartments.. This place provides users with an extravagant lifestyle throughout all walks of life. Located next to Emaar Beachfront, this luxury tower is branded by Cavalli.

This Luxury Waterfront Apartments in Dubai Harbour boasts amazing amenities, a world-class lifestyle, as well as excellent connectivity to important centres to allow you to spend time with family and friends in a loving environment. There is no need to look elsewhere for a better quality of life since the development offers luxury amenities and renowned services. Taking advantage of this opportunity has the potential to completely transform your life. With such a unique location, you will have the opportunity to connect with other areas such as trade centres and events.

Located in a luxurious and impressive location, the development offers legendary benefits in terms of lifestyle. Take advantage of the lush green paradise’s relaxing atmosphere and imaginatively designed furnishings and surroundings to appreciate the joy and balance that life can offer. Creating a lifestyle that is innovative as well as luxurious to accommodate all lifestyles.



Features & Amenities:

This development features a variety of amenities and services that will allow residents to experience the great atmosphere and aspirational nature of living here. Residents are able to live a luxurious, serene and comfortable lifestyle. There are beautiful residences, marinas, boutiques, restaurants, recreational activities, and nightlife experiences available. Visitors and residents are attracted to its incredible views, crystal clear waters and stunning beaches.

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Swimming Pool


Bay by Cavalli is located in Dubai Harbour, it is easily accessible to all other destinations. You can enjoy the views of life that sit nearby the space, alongside the true luxuries as well as the pleasures that make you enter the realm of the style of a lifetime in this wonderful and incredible place. Due to the excellent contribution made by several top-tier centres, the location is impressive and luxurious enough that you can enjoy home delivery for most items and further your enjoyment of convenience.




Residents come and can enjoy a grand lifestyle at DAMAC’s new development, where every moment is infused with opulence and luxury that provides you with exceptional services and amenities. Experience life beyond entertainment, it makes you completely lose yourself and take in all that life has to offer. The essence of nature has flourished here because of the care and love of others so that you can live a life of modernity mixed with nature’s essence.

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Location Location: Dubai Harbour

Unit Type Price: AED 5559000