DAMAC Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences Dubai


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AED 774000

DAMAC Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences Dubai


The Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences is at one of the finest sites in Dubai, centrally located. This luxurious hotel and residential tower features 15 to 25 levels of high-end hotel rooms inspired by Hollywood studios located near Sheikh Zayed Road. If you are a wise investor, this opportunity is a box office smash that you cannot miss.

The impressive tower stands over 258 metres tall and offers spectacular views over the Burj region, the Dubai Canal, the Palms, The World Islands, and the famous Burj Al Arab.

Hollywood has always been more than just a tourist attraction. Artists and their ideas are the lifeblood of this institution. And now, DAMAC is bringing this famed high life to Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, one of the world’s most prestigious locations.

Investing in a hotel room is a wise, well-managed investment in Dubai’s hospitality business. Meanwhile, floors 26 to 63 provide luxury homes that combine home comforts with Paramount-level facilities and services. The spacious residential flats are the pinnacle of elegant but comfortable living in a great location.

Rich facilities round out the star-studded experience, highlighted by the rooftop infinity pool with breathtaking panoramic views.

A variety of luxury hotel rooms and suites provide the chance for a profitable investment.

The rooms offer space for comfort and stimulate creativity, and they include a stunning home theatre and access to a library of Paramount Pictures films.

The signature bed is the big finish to your day as the credits roll. The key to success is to eat like a king. Their all-day dining menu is nothing short of regal. Taste buds and tastes are exploding with the opportunity to experience more. You can expect to find some of Hollywood’s most renowned chefs cooking delicious dishes throughout the day.



Features & Amenities:

The 63-story skyscraper includes shopping on the bottom level hotel and a plethora of unique Paramount Hotels & Resorts facilities for visitors and residents.

Each component of the Paramount Tower Hotel Dubai features meticulous attention to detail, and the clever, attentive, and intuitive style of hospitality will impress you.

Swimming Pool
Fine Dining


Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: Serviced Apartments

Location Location: Dubai

Unit Type Price: AED 774000