Hayyan Villas and Townhouses at Sharjah by Alef Group


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Hayyan Villas and Townhouses at Sharjah by Alef Group


Hayyan is the new development by Alef Group featuring 2-3 bedroom townhouses and 4-7 bedroom villas located in Sharjah. Each residence reflects a taste for comfort, and both are evident in the visuals. Designed with plenty of natural light, high ceilings convey the promised grandeur, and floor-to-ceiling windows bring the place to life.

These townhouses and villas at Sharjah are surrounded by nature, the exteriors provide residents with high-quality living conditions and a modern lifestyle. With its elegant aesthetics, inspiring residential design, and generous space in precise dimensions, it has a timeless appeal. With the best facilities and amenities, it offers an international quality standard. It is a quaint community of villas designed to reflect the idea of living well. Located in the middle of nature and the future, this community celebrates life through the arts.

This is a beautifully designed space that supports your lifestyle choices with no expense spared. Living in a uniquely designed, natural community will be a rewarding experience for many years to come. Relax and enjoy a peaceful life in this calm and serene place. As you stroll through the royal neighbourhood, you may spot deer and gazelle as you wake up to the sound of nature. With its architectural design, this serene community creates an intimate atmosphere that reflects Sharjah’s spirit.



Features & Amenities:

Hayyan Villas and Townhouses offers a peaceful environment designed to give you and your family a deeper understanding of nature, culture, and society in a natural setting. With a peaceful abode in Sharjah, Hayyan offers a real-life experience where people connect with nature. There are a variety of amenities and facilities in the community, such as the densest greenery, natural landscapes, swimming pools, public green areas, gyms, and family-friendly areas. Here you will discover an authentic and vibrant community and truly feel at home.

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Alef Group’s Hayyan provides residents with an exclusive lifestyle and premium amenities of their choice in Sharjah. Located just off Emirates Road, this cultural hub in Sharjah is close to all major attractions and offers a great range of activities. Several nearby attractions include the Sharjah Mosque, the Dubai International Airport, the Sharjah National Park, Sharjah University City, Sharjah International Airport, and the Al Majaz Industrial Area. The development’s excellent connectivity options will make it a popular residence choice.


Hayyan is a future living project located in Sharjah. This is the perfect place to be able to enjoy life in the natural world as it is, to keep the lines between ethics and aesthetics sacred and to choose places that naturally fall between peace, abundance, and possibility. This place is a beautiful paradox, worlds apart but just a stone’s throw away. A thriving community surrounds the development, allowing you to experience the joy of living in a prestigious and exclusive area. Residents of the city have a variety of entertainment and leisure options to choose from.

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Location Location: Sharjah

Unit Type Price: AED 1290000