Malta Luxury Townhouses at Damac Lagoons



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AED 1764000

Malta Luxury Townhouses at Damac Lagoons


Malta by Damac Properties, nestled in Damac Lagoons, is the mistress of mystery, offering 4 & 5 bedroom townhouses.

Prepare to encounter a treasure trove of knowledge in Malta, appealing to the curious, the adventurous and those who never stop asking questions. It’s not just a place to visit. It’s a place to immerse oneself in so many different things. While sparkling beams of sunlight bounce off pristine oceans, cobblestone roads meander through a 7000-year architectural tradition.

Words can’t adequately describe this beauty. The interior and exterior will provide you with a sense of comfort and ease, whether you walk the paved paths or follow the trail of many adventures.

There is romance, luxury, and the breathtaking scenery here. With this concept, you’ll experience a completely different level of living. Begin your story by describing the monumental finishes of architectural layouts, the breathtaking details of design, and their impact on your life.

The idea proposes a future shaped by the past. Malta’s wisdom has persisted down through the centuries. Here, you can discover hundreds of years of literature, inventions, civilizations, and ideas waiting for you to explore.



Features & Amenities:

Allow nature to be your instructor. In Malta, do your homework in more than one manner. At the VR Park, you may walk through a rich learning environment. With QR codes, virtual reality experiences, and digital screens, you can learn about several topics. Imagination can run riot at the Building Blocks Pavilion. Get inspired by the massive structures of colourful bricks or construct something unique. Don’t miss out on Malta’s Floating Flower Market. With it, nothing will be like Malta.

Kids Playground
Retail Outlets
Swimming Pool
Fine Dining


Along Hessa Street, right across from DAMAC Hills, you will find yourself nestled within the lush beauty of Damac Lagoons. Residents enjoy its convenient location and proximity to major arterial roads like Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, and Al Khail Road.




Malta Townhouse is a well-planned development offering you an exclusive lifestyle in Damac Lagoon. The development offers some of the select benefits of being close to the Damac Hills community known for its golf courses and clubs, catering to its visitors and guests alike. It is an ideal location for families with water and leisure facilities in front. Experience some of the most meaningful lifestyle experiences while staying in one place so you can take care of the rest.

Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: 4 & 5

Location Location: Damac Lagoons

Unit Type Price: AED 1764000