The Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2



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AED 6521000

The Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2


The Farmhouses by Damac Properties is a well-planned development that offers 5 and 6-bedroom farmhouses located in Damac Hills 2. Experience the most luxurious life in a place surrounded by the nature. The farmhouses are inspired by two styles European-style and North American-style.

The first one is European-style farmhouses where you experience the serene meadows of the Netherlands or Belgium. And the other side North American-style farmhouses are ideal for the frontier style. Live in a luxury porch, the beautiful living room around the main entrance, and the large size bedroom situated in a separate connecting wing.

These luxury Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2 is the perfect address to satisfy your passions or explore new ones. Here you can explore endless possibilities and world-class amenities that take you to the next level up. The place is in proximity to nature where you can feel nature, hear the birds and smell the flowers. Enjoy a luxurious stay here and turn your property into a luxury resort, where exciting activities and a laid-back atmosphere awaits you.



Features & Amenities:

At the farmhouses, spend time with yourself and the people you love. Experience the simple pleasures of life which are also the greatest pleasures of life. Be ready to enjoy every morning in bed and evening in the hammock. Like the sweet smell of slight barbecue wafting through the air as you pick berries in your back garden.

Damac Hills 2 are packed with lots of amazing amenities where you can entertain with family and friends. There will be an open-air gym, a cricket field and net, tennis and paddle tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, soccer fields, a barbecue area and much more. Residents here can find something completely new.


Kids Playground
Retail Outlets
Swimming Pool


Damac Hills 2, where each day comes with its own beautiful allure, blending nature, wellness, activity, and community into an address you call home. This convenient location allows for easy access to four major highways and other corridors that keep the city easily accessible. Damac Hills 2 take only 25 minutes when you take Al Qudra Road. It is a short drive from the city centre but feels like a world apart with its lush greenery, greenery and accommodations to cater to your every need.




Damac Hills 2 is a well-designed community where you find a new, exciting and adventurous lifestyle in a neighbourhood. It creates timelessness experience, explorable living in bright spaces, and a sense of belonging. Run here every day and celebrate the outdoorsy Down Town, a place dedicated to positive energy and good times. Damac Hills 2 is a short drive from the city but feels like the rest of the world. The convenient location allows easy access to the main attractions of the city.

Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: 5 & 6

Location Location: Damac Hills 2

Unit Type Price: AED 6521000