Venice Luxury Villas at Damac Lagoons



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AED 4985000

Venice Luxury Villas at Damac Lagoons


Prepare to experience the floating life at Venice by Damac Properties in Damac Lagoons, which offers 6 and 7 bedroom villas. A project in which life floats differently, a location that flirts with the earth while wooing the sea, where roads disappear but love blossoms supreme.

La Dominante, the queen of the Adriatic, Venice, the floating metropolis, is finally here. The development gives you all your heart desires.

These homes lack nothing in terms of design. The interior and exterior will provide you with a sense of comfort and convenience in a spot where you may walk the concrete walks or sail along its twisting canals, following various trails. Living here means living between romance and opulent interiors with gorgeous exteriors.

Venice represents a new concept in living experiences that is unlike any other. Write your story through the perspective of a spectacular finishing, astonishing trends in design, and how it influences your life.

Make way for a new life in Venice, a project for every dreamer, a spell making you lose yourself in the wonders of nature, offering everything you need, closing the door of your past and beginning the journey of thousand miles.



Features & Amenities:

The magic of Venice has taken hold, motivating and enticing you to begin your adventure in a fantastic location with an abundance of amenities. A place to live, love, and develop! Residents will enjoy the pleasure of magnificent facilities. From arching bridges passing over canals as graceful gondolas play with water to cosy waterside cafes providing you with a perfect spot to take in the spectacular views.

Shop at the high-end retail outlets or dine at one of the many fine restaurants. It’s all here for your enjoyment. Damac Properties’ Venice is a picturesque and charming property that will liven up your days. A gateway to paradise for you and your loved one.

Kids Playground
Retail Outlets
Swimming Pool
Fine Dining


Enjoy a house that rekindles the flame and breathes new life into romance. Cherish the night’s youth here, with dancing moonlight and stars reciting your tale. Venice, nestled in the Damac Lagoons, brings out your inner child and introduces you to the love of eternity as musicians serenade you with heartfelt melodies.




Want to propose to your loved one here? Don’t worry! Your proposal’s stage lies among the richness and originality of Damac Lagoons, linking you to everything Dubai has to offer while keeping you away from the rush and bustle of the city. Live the life of beauty and splendour in the paradise of Venice.

Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: 6 &7

Location Location: Damac Lagoons

Unit Type Price: AED 4985000