Mr. Kim & Mrs. Kim

  • May 26th, 2022
Mr. Kim & Mrs. Kim
May 26, 2022
Mr. Kim & Mrs. Kim

We bought our first house in Dubai through Drehomes Real Estate. It’s been an incredibly wonderful experience.
Before buying a house we have been warned by our friends who have bought a house that buying a property here in Dubai will be very stressful. Indeed it was a really tough experience.
However, with the incredibly delicate services and management of the Drehomes here, I was able to buy it very reliably. I can speak with confidence to people who want to buy a house in Dubai.
They are super professional and accurate and are with you 24 hours a day at the beginning and end of this journey.
Lastly, I would like to many thank portfolio Manager Ms. Komal Kumari for joining us on this journey. She is really professional, hardworking, and supportive. Her explanations were always appropriate and reassuring to us.
Ms. Komal! Thank you for your many sacrifices. If I have a chance to buy another property, I hope to be with you again.