Real Estate Transaction In One Day

Real Estate Transaction in One Day – AED 1 Billion

  • January 20th, 2020

We have followed the Land and Property Department of Dubai that includes the famous consideration, the values of the investigations of the enjoyment of the sellers and the secret customer of government elements in Dubai.

We would like to emphasize that the constants good leadership guide, result in raising the level of customer happiness and satisfaction with the services provided and guarantee the advancement in the government performance system.

Dubai Lands and through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) signs a partnership agreement with First Abu Dhabi Bank. This agreement aims to guarantee and protect the rights of investors and owners, by providing a transparent and organized collection mechanism for service fees and ensuring that they are spent on optimal maintenance and development.

Government service providers start a journey of digital transformation with the launch of the “Dubai Rest” platform and other smart platforms. Where they are absolutely sure of their ability to provide comfort and happiness to their customers, and reach them at any time and place, to continue to strengthen their arrangement.

On the basis of these empowerment, the Dubai Land Departments achieving their aim day-by-day. Its recorded, over $20.9 Billion worth of property transaction were considered in Dubai from January to November 30,2019. Now they have crossed across AED 1 Billion Real Estate Transactions and made the date 19/01/2020 historical. So, DLD finding more new ways to motivate its investors and sellers.