Booming Foreign Investors

Mysterious Booming of Foreign Investors in Dubai’s Real Estate

  • July 1st, 2021

Dubai’s real estate market has been the talk of the town for eons. People look forward to investing in Dubai’s properties for residing, renting, or investing purposes. During COVID-19, many nations’ chart of the real estate market fell back tremendously. However, Dubai’s market has been witnessing growth at a remarkable rate. There are many components that are associated with the lift of the market. One such major is its tax-friendly policy that draws in people across the globe to invest. Besides, it offers a lavish lifestyle to people that complement the high-standard living of people.

From luxurious apartment sets to waterfront villa sets, Dubai lives up to the requirements of customers of all types. The appealing interior and exterior designs are one such motivation behind why people are enthusiastic about investing. The world-class facilities make people feel worth getting properties in Dubai. According to data provided on social media by Dr. Mahmoud AlBurai, Senior Adviser at Dubai Government, the Dubai Real Estate market has been booming recently because of the influx of foreign investment. Countries that have invested in a significant ratio are—

• India—6 billion
• UK—2.9 billion
• China—1.4 billion
• France—1.3 billion
• Pakistan—1.26 billion
• Russia—1.18 billion
• Iran-1.07 billion
• Canada—1.04 billion
• Saudi—720 million

According to many other experts, the real estate market of Dubai is expected to see a major growing trend for many projects if it keeps bonding the intelligent strategies of the market likewise. Dubai proudly stands on all the applauses it gets for.

Source: Dr. Mahmoud AlBurai Senior Advisor-Dubai Government