Burj Binghatti

Burj Binghatti World’s Tallest Residential Tower to be Built in Dubai

  • November 11th, 2022

Dubai-based property developer Binghatti has announced its partnership with jewellery company Jacob & Co to build the ‘Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residence’, which aims to achieve the world’s tallest residential building record.

This is located in the heart of Dubai‘s most prestigious financial district, Business Bay, the tower has more than 100 storeys made up of luxurious two- and three-bedroom residences.

Burj Binghatti’s final height has not yet been revealed, we do know that New York’s Central Park Tower, the structure that currently holds the title, is 472.4 meters tall. The Princess Tower measures 393 meters the tallest residential tower in Dubai.

The Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residence includes several levels dedicated to services such as an infinity pool with views of the entire Dubai skyline, a luxury spa and a gym. This hypertower is also home to a dedicated concierge team, offering à la carte services such as daycare, bodyguards, chauffeur and personal chefs.

Muhammad Binghatti, CEO and Chief Architect of Binghatti said: “We took inspiration from the complex horological movements that drive Jacob & Co timepieces and integrated them into the tower as a key element. The diamond shapes spires at the top of the tower The towers are reminiscent of a royal crown, an adornment of unparalleled delicacy inspired by the finely carved gemstone designs of Jacob & Co. It’s the pinnacle of luxury storytelling in this evocative building, a distinctive feature that adds more grandeur to the city’s skyline. “

The design of the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residence is reminiscent of the finely-cut gems for which Jacob & Co. is famous, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of horological and high jewellery. The entry-level residences will include two collections: the Sapphire Suite Collection, which includes two-bedroom residential units, and the Emerald Suite Collection, which includes three-bedroom units.

All those interested will have the opportunity to register during the event on November 16 in Dubai. Such applicants must go through a pre-qualification process to assess their eligibility at this highly exclusive, invitation-only, jewel of a dwelling.

Source: Arabian Business