Damac Cricket Championship

Champion of Damac Cricket Challenge 2019

  • July 29th, 2019

On Saturday 27 July 2019 at ‘SMAAASH Insportz Club‘, Damac Properties organized ‘Damac Cricket Challenge’ for all Agents and Partners named as ‘Agents Trophy 2019‘. All agents and partners were invited to play cricket and take the glory of that exotic movement.

We DREHomes always welcome challenges with our open hands. So we took it and played. Many other good teams had also participated.


The match was started at 1.30 PM and played till 8 PM. We ‘DRE Warriors‘ played like champions with the motto of One Spirit, One Team, and One Win.

Slowly we kept on moving ahead and we WON the ‘Agents Trophy 2019‘ by defeating our combatant Union Square House Real Estate in the exciting match.

Our young and talented player Mr. Numan Shafee created a benchmark of 61 runs and won the ‘Player of the Match‘ title.  We DRE Warriors WON the ‘Agents Trophy 2019’ with Prize Money of AED 20,000.



Our team has the champions full of enthusing and energy, they always accept the challenges and accomplish the work with the best team sprite.

We thank Damac Properties for offering such an great opportunity to recreating the sportsman sprite. The Cricket fever hasn’t left yet, we are waiting for the next challenge.