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Dubai Weather – The Crazy and Biggest Sandstorm Sweeps in Dubai, UAE

  • March 1st, 2019

Dubai’s weather creating history, on the new yesterday it was flashed that there will be huge storm by today. Everything is has been stopped. With clear weather everything can be seen by long-long distance but due to this huge storm all the construction has stopped, transportation is interrupted, the whole livelihood has been exaggerated.

This happens once in a year but this year is incredible the sand high is beating all records and creating its own boundless range. The whole environment is covered with sand sheet.

National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCM) predicted infrequent rice in temperature up to 40℃. The breezy conditions were likely to continue with sandstorms across the UAE. Emirates also give out a weather warning for sea-goers in Oman Sea regarding fresh winds reaching up to 45 kmph with moderate showers.

Government has declared holiday on Wednesday due to heavy showers in Ras Al Khaimah. Five to Seven feet offshore wave height is expected until Sunday (03-03-2019). Unusual heavy showers bumped the emirate – blocking roads and uprooting some trees and poles.

According to the weatherman, North-westerly winds are anticipated in the evening today (01-03-2019), take along down the temperature extensively and a maximum temperature of 28-29C has been prognostication for tomorrow.