Ozone Healing

Healing of Earth’s Ozone Layer

  • March 28th, 2020

As the whole world dealing with the Covid-19 virus, there is something that is showing its cheerful vibes to nature – the vital ozone layer of the earth has finally begun healing.

The ozone layer which always being a crucial topic, maintaining a balance of climatic conditions and also for keeping ocean currents on their natural course. However, the activities of human beings over the past few decades have led to the diminution of the layer. That, in turn, had terrified ocean currents off their usual course.

However, the ozone layer bounded the earth helps in absorbing damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevents it from directly reaching the surface of the earth. Now, the ozone layer has begun to patch-up itself. The credit for this goes to the Montreal Protocol which was signed between various countries in the year 1987 in order to minimize the use of ozone exhausting substances.

Ozone diminishing substances were identified as those radiated by refrigerators and air conditioners, industrial solvents and so on. In 2000, there was confirmation to recommend that there has indeed been a decline in the pollutants in the atmosphere which could harm the ozone layer.

Here, a new study shows that the commitment made by countries has indeed been able to stop the damage of the ozone layer and even helped repair itself. There is an analysis that shows how the Montreal Protocol had managed to inverse the jet streams or air currents which had been forced to move south owing to the hole in the Ozone layer. This had caused drastic changes in climate arrangements and dry spells in some parts of the world.

In a conclusion to the study, mentioned that the ozone layer has only now begun healing itself, countries must take more healthy and strong action to reduce the emission of ozone exhausting substances in order to decrease carbon footprint.