Dubai Moon Shaped Resort

Moon-Shaped Resort Proposed in Dubai could have Burj Khalifa-like Shows

  • September 12th, 2022

Guests will be able to experience zero gravity, take a ride in a rover or walk on a ‘lunar surface’ — if the $5- billion project opens.

There are only 12 people who have gone to the moon. But what if the lunar experience could be brought to Earth as a tourist destination for millions of people?

That’s what at least one Canadian-based architectural design and intellectual property licensor plans to do. And Dubai is a “prime” location for one of the four tourist destinations the company plans to license.

With all the architectural wonders the UAE is home to, it’s not hard to imagine a circular structure here.

Recreating the moon is not a dream

When asked what material would be used to make the building’s façade to replicate the Moon and its craters better, Henderson said: “We will use a carbon fiber composite material that is highly strong and durable. It will also be incorporated with solar cells to generate electricity.

The surface will glow and can be used to represent the different phases of the Moon. “We also have several display options similar to the Burj Khalifa light show. The whole (building) can become the flag of the United Arab Emirates,” he added.

What would go into building Moon Dubai

MWR (Moon World Resorts Inc.) decide to license four Moon Destination Resorts around the globe: one each in North America, Europe, MENA and Asia. Take a quick look at the resort as depicted in Las Vegas:

MWR is considering the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for the MENA region.

The company anticipates a construction budget of $5 billion with an estimated annual revenue of $1.8 billion.

According to the co-founder of MWR, if approved, Moon Dubai “would receive at least 10 million annual visits”.

He worried that the fully integrated complex would be built to a five-star LEED Gold standard and would “operate at a five-diamond level.”

Regional licensees can choose to develop Moon as a standalone complex or as a central focal point neighbouring by a mixed-use community, “same as the relationship between Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai.”

Asked when the complex could be built, he said: “Assuming a regional licensee and regulatory authority are on board, and a suitable site has been identified, the Moon should be in place no later than 12 months pre-construction programme followed by a 48-month build-out. If we assume we are ready by the end of 2022, the doors may open by 2027.”

Zero gravity and what you’ll find inside

Henderson promises a “seemingly endless journey of discovery” inside the Moon. Here are some of the concept interiors as per the details in the brochure, have a look:

The development attraction provides a great experience to the residents while walking on the lunar surface and discovering a huge working lunar colony.

Visitors will also be able to dress up as astronauts and “experience weightlessness” on the complex’s “lunar surface.”

“This technology is exclusive to the Moon. We can’t say everything at this time due to third-party agreements. We can share that the astronaut suit you would wear on the lunar surface of the Moon would give you a certain percentage of gravity reduction.”

Moreover, a cable system and a water tank will provide a full zero-gravity sensation to the visitors.

Source: Khaleej Times