Dubai Marina

Total of AED 7 Billion of Weeklong Real Estate Transactions

  • August 7th, 2021

According to Dubai Land Development (DLD), together 1,581 real estate and property transactions that valued AED 7 billion and had taken place during the week ending of August 05, 2021.
As per the same report of DLD, where around 2,083 apartments and villas were sold for AED 2.53 billion, 91 plots were sold for AED 715.83 million.
Among these were the three prominent deals: land sold in Me’Aisem First for AED 62 million, land sold in Almelaheyah for AED 40 million, and land sold for AED 62 million in Me’Aisem First.
As per the record of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, 18 sales exchanges worth AED275.76 million that week, is followed by Jumeirah First with 15 sales exchanges that worth AED 153.32 million, and Nad Al Shiba First with 11 sales exchanges that worth AED 32 million in the third place.
AED 508 million for an apartment in Marsa Dubai, an apartment in Burj Khalifa at AED 301 million, and an apartment in Palm Jumeirah that is worth 166 million are among the top three transfers for apartments and villas.
The total of mortgaged properties for the week was valued at 4 billion, with land mortgaged for a sum of AED 930 million at Palm Jumeirah was the highest.
The sum of AEDS 270 million was provided by first-degree relatives in the form of 35 properties.