Dubai Golden Visa

UAE Launches “Golden Visa” Security Assurance

  • February 6th, 2020

Dubai’s long-term UAE residence visa system is providing expats wisdom of belonging and permanency in the UAE. Now, a 10-year visa often called “Golden Visa”.

Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director-General, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA Dubai), has announced that now a 10-year visa will be renewable every 10 years and which will make up most of the UAE’s population, permanent residency.

On Wednesday, Al Merri said the UAE management is keen “to invest in expatriates and adoptive among them a culture of trust and confidence in UAE civilization” during the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature on Wednesday in Dubai. This policy has granted to certain classifications like investors in public investments and persons with specialized aptitudes.

Director-General said so far 2,100 persons have received the golden visa, which can also be approved to individuals who are outside the UAE.

15 million people visited Dubai in 2019 and they pointed make Dubai their second home. On the basis of that calculation, Al Merri said: “It is very important for inspiration and providing safety and security for making them realize that they are not strangers in this land”.

Golden thought behind this “Golden Visa Policy” is “If you live in a society and don’t feel belonged, you cannot give back your best. It is the importance to feel secure and safe in a good society like the UAE.”