UAE Mosque

UAE Reopening Worship Places on July 1.

  • June 30th, 2020

National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority spokesperson Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri stated that worship places will be reopened across the country starting July 1, with a capacity reduced to 30 percent.

But there are a few conditions for precautionary measures:

1) Mosques will not be open for Friday Prayers.
2) Certain worship places located in industrial areas, residential areas, shopping malls, and public parks will remain closed until further notice.
3) Proper following of Social Distancing.
4) Children under 12 years old, the elderly as well as individuals with chronic diseases should avoid going to mosques.
5) Mosques and places of worship where any cases are detected will be immediately closed and necessary measures will be taken.

The UAE Government said we all should know that we are dealing with an invisible disease that has an incredible capacity to spread. The inability to hold fast to preventive measures, particularly in broad daylight places, may prompt negative repercussions for all.

Carelessness and panic of people will risk the endeavors of the primary line of barrier and the endeavors of establishments who have worked resolutely to ensure the well-being and security of the country.

Our aggregate endeavors and promise to follow rules will to a great extent characterize the subsequent stages of the recovery procedure.