Mars Prob

UAE’s Hope Probe to Reach Mars

  • February 9th, 2021

The eminent Burj Khalifa is not just known for its tall size, but for its multiple lights and fountains shows. It witnesses all the important celebrations and festivals. Recently, the exclusive lights show at Burj Khalifa celebrated the latest UAE’s first Mars mission—‘Hope Probe’.

As per the scientists associated with the project, the spacecraft has completed a 7-month long journey to reach the orbit of the planet. Furthermore, they are nervous about the spacecraft’s interaction with the Martian Orbit. If successful, the UAE would add its name to the list of the countries/agencies to send a probe to Mars, following the United States, former the Soviet Union, China, India, and Europe. In addition to this, if it succeeds, the UAE would be the third country in the world to land upon the Red Planet in the first attempt.

As per a report, in July 2020, when Mars is nearest to Earth, countries other than the United Arab Emirates, like China and the US launched their spacecraft to Mars. As per estimation, ‘Hope Probe’ would be the first spacecraft to reach the orbit of the Red Planet on February 9, 2021 (Tuesday) at 7:42 pm.

The time is considered as the most crucial event enlisted in the history of not only UAE Space Agency but all over the world. Looking forward to blowing the successful hurray of the memorable event’s to be a success.