Mina rashid

Mina Rashid – Residential Community by DP World and Emaar

  • April 26th, 2019

Coming your way the most exclusive new Waterfront Masterly-planned – “Mina Rashid Waterfront Residential Community” – this is a game changer for sure !!!!

Imbued with rich maritime luxury, Dubai is all set to reveal the world’s new sailing destination.

Half a century ago, a royal decision laid the foundation for the “City of Merchants” to flourish. Today, DP World and Emaar extend the journey to celebrate a rich maritime history and gives the opportunity to own your dream home.

Mina Rashid residential waterfront community is situated on the southern shoreline of the Arabian Gulf. It is nearby the Mina Rashid multi-reason port prepared to deal with both freight and traveler activities. Mina Rashid is focused on the core of Dubai makes it appealing for conventional merchants and visitors alike.