World Arabic Language Day

World Arabic Language Day – 15 Arabic Phrases Expats Should Know?

  • December 18th, 2020

The World Arabic Language Day is celebrated on 18 December every year and this event was established by UNESCO in the year 2012. With an aim to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity and to promote the Arabic language, this came into action.

This special day is honoured every year and spoken by more than 290 million people around the globe. This year the World Arabic Language is celebrated with a theme on the Arabic Language Academies and Unesco delivered its message through the virtual meeting to define its importance.

To celebrate World Arabic Language Day, Unesco organised a webinar meeting with the academics and the professionals in the Arabic language to discuss its role and significance. This webinar offers an opportunity to showcase how language academics are empowered in reviving and enhancing the use of the Arabic language and its significance around the world.

The Arabic language has given rise to diversity in various forms as classic or dialectal, from oral expression to poetry in various fields. It also offers access to various identities and beliefs, and played an important role in knowledge and promoting some other languages.

Arabic is a world-wide language, which reveals the 15th letter of its alphabet that does not exist in any other language in the world. These words are stated below:

1. Hello – Marhaba

2. My Name is – Ana Ismy

3. Do You Speak English – Hal tatahadath Al Engleziya

4. I don’t Understand – La Afham

5. Can you help me? – Hal Yomkenoka Mosaadaati

6. Is this the way to? – Hal hatha howa Al Tareeq Ila

7. My car broke down – Ta’atalat Saiyarati

8. Where is the nearest petrol station? – Ain Taqaa Aqrab Mahatet waqood

9. I think I’m lost – Ataked ani taaiyeh

10. Do you have a phone – Aladaiyk hatef

11. What is this? – Ma hatha

12. How much does it cost? – Kam tabloogh Al taklefa

13. Is it safe? – Hal howa amin

14. This is a beautiful place – Hatha Al Makan Jameel

15. Thank you so much – Shukran jazeelan

We should celebrate the World Arabic Language Day to showcase its importance to the world, remembering the centuries-old history. Try to learn some simple Arabic words and this will help in easy communication in the expat’s world.