Haven by Aldar at Dubailand - Townhouses and Villas


Townhouses & Villas

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Haven by Aldar at Dubailand - Townhouses and Villas


Haven is Dubai’s first residential wellness development by Aldar Properties, providing 4 to 6-bedroom Elite Haven villas, 3 to 5-bedroom Serene villas, and 3 to 4-bedroom Park Haven townhouses nestled in Dubailand.

At the heart of this serene haven lies a captivating treehouse community centre that stands as a gateway to this wellness oasis. Every facet of this community has been meticulously designed to elevate your well-being, from the undulating landscape to the community wellness centre and the gentle stream, which provides a soothing backdrop to your daily life. Throughout the development, cutting-edge technology and systems have been seamlessly integrated, all with the singular goal of putting your well-being first.

At Aldar’s Haven Elite Haven villas and Serene villas, you will find expansive interiors meticulously crafted to offer residents an unparalleled living experience. From the luxurious bedrooms to the sleek, contemporary kitchens and the inviting living areas, each space exudes an air of refined elegance. Even the Park Haven townhouses are no exception, showcasing well-thought-out layouts that seamlessly marry functionality with style. The meticulous attention to detail in the interior design ensures that every moment spent within the confines of these homes is a moment of sheer opulence and relaxation.

The treehouse is ingeniously integrated around a magnificent old tree and boasts a spacious, multi-tiered community lounge. Whether you seek a productive morning in the coworking lounge or a leisurely afternoon spent with family and friends in the social area, this space caters to your every need. Moreover, Haven is unwavering in its commitment to environmental well-being, with a host of well-considered sustainability initiatives that not only lower utility costs but also foster an eco-conscious and earth-friendly lifestyle.



Features & Amenities:

Elevate your daily well-being with a host of meticulously planned amenities that span across the entire community at Haven. This exceptional residential haven redefines the art of living, offering a wide-ranging selection of amenities designed to cater to every facet of your health and leisure needs. There are world-class amenities, including an Elite Wellness Centre, Haven Central Park, Air Fitness, Run & Ride Tracks, a Meditation Pavilion, an Adult Plunge Pool, a Kids Splash Pool, a Shaded Play Zone, the Health Room/Sculpt Sauna, Ice Bath, a Padel Haven, Play Haven, Basketball Court, Zen Gardens, Nature Trail, and Picnic Patch.

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Aldar Haven, perfectly located in E611/D54 Dubailand, offers residents an ideal blend of convenience and tranquillity. This prime location harmoniously balances urban accessibility with the peace of suburban living, making Haven an exceptional place to call home. Situated just a 25-minute drive from the iconic Burj Khalifa, it grants easy access to the bustling heart of Dubai, brimming with city life and cultural attractions. It is a short 25-minute drive in the opposite direction that takes you to Dubai Marina, where you can immerse yourself in coastal living, enjoy pristine beaches, and indulge in a variety of waterfront dining and leisure options. 




Aldar's first residential project in Dubai, Haven, is an integral part of an innovative master plan that embodies the pinnacle of modern living. This masterplan in Dubailand has been meticulously designed to create a peaceful haven amidst the dynamic urban backdrop. Offering an array of residential choices, encompassing the Elite Haven villas, Serene villas, and Park Haven townhouses, the community seamlessly blends nature, well-being, and contemporary lifestyles. Revel in a holistic sense of wellness throughout the community, with an array of services dedicated to enhancing your inner serenity.

Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: Townhouses & Villas

Location Location: Dubailand

Unit Type Price: AED 2500000