Sobha Estates Villas at Sobha Hartland, Dubai


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AED 22784760

Sobha Estates Villas at Sobha Hartland, Dubai


Sobha Estates at Sobha Hartland 2 is an amazing development of Sobha Realty featuring Mansions, and 5-Bedroom and 6-Bedroom villas in Sobha Hartland II. This is a fabulous development provide easy access to the blue lagoon, best for those who love beach and water activities. Amazingly designed project gives residents a perfect place to a lifestyle they always want.

These Mansions and Villas in Sobha Hartaland 2 have amazing interior and exterior designs of the development is one of the reason why people choose the live there. Each bedroom has a huge space with ultra-luxury walk-in closet, and an ensuite bathroom. There is specially designed lounge between the bedrooms that assure you to spend more time with your loved ones. The beautiful living room and dining room take your breath away and personal conversation finds a safe place. Grab the opportunity to live a lifestyle from next to a perfect dining adventure that you will find in your formal dining room.

Life here is about unhurried connections with nature with two blue lagoons for mansions and villas. Enjoy the boardwalk, participate in beach activities, or simply sit and listen to the soothing whispers of the water at night. Relax at Sobha Hartland II and get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Experience the finest educational facilities in the area with your little ones. At Enthral, you will be hosted in your own private show kitchen by renowned chefs from around the world.



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You will find your best version at Sobha Estates. Enjoy beach activities that will challenge your body and revitalize your mind. There is various amazing waterside amenities available that provide sports and entertainment activity. The fitness station is perfect for those who want a healthy and active lifestyle. Enjoy jogging and walking trails designed for de-stressing and achieving your dream body. The concept of privacy has taken on a whole new meaning. Each villa offers a private pool, garden, and patio, ensuring your peace of mind is never compromised.

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Sobha Estates is nestled in Sobha Hartland, a premium sanctuary built around the integration of natural spaces into everyday life. The location give easy access to various key destinations such as Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary, Meydan racecourse, Sobha Hartland & 2 international schools, Dubai International Airport, Business Bay, The Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa. Experiencing the gift of nature at its best is what you will receive at Sobha Hartland II. The area will allow you to take part in a personalized shopping experience with the most popular brands.



An urban community of approximately 8 million square feet surrounded by gated communities and large lagoons, Sobha Estates is the planned development of Sobha Realty in Sobha Hartland II. It is designed as an urban community nestled in the heart of a forest sanctuary with dedicated green spaces and open areas. Explore expansive wooded landscapes and seasonal gardens along cobblestone streets and tree-lined paths. Take a moment to contemplate the picturesque view of the park that is available from each villa.

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Location Location: Sobha Hartland

Unit Type Price: AED 22784760