Prypto Winner

Drehomes Win Prypto’s Most Creative Campaigns

  • December 10th, 2022

With the launch of PRYPTO, a revolutionary assistive technology startup, real estate entrepreneur and business women Amira Sajwani intends to redefine the way people experience property dealings.

PRYPTO comes up with a Broker’s Contest in which many brokers have participated and have many titles and we are one of them. Drehomes Real Estate won the title of the most creative campaigns on social media. Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is… Drehomes, the winners of the PRYPTO Broker’s Contest and feel honoured to have won the title of the most creative campaign in Social Media.

What we did for creative social media campaigns; First of all let us understand the concept of PYRPTO, it is a one-stop shop for buyers, investors, home owners and real estate agents to enjoy real estate experience. It is an ecosystem that puts people first by simplifying the ownership process and providing personalized advice from business development, sales and mortgage executives.

What was the need to introduce Prypto? There are many layers to investing in real estate or buying your dream home. Prypto takes a holistic, customer-friendly approach that covers the range of processes related to purchasing assets. With so many diverse mortgage developers, brokers and providers in the market, a platform like PRYPTO will benefit everyone. They look forward to serving all players and customers in the industry.

Amira Sajwani brings to PRYPTO rich experience from her established career in real estate. The company relies on strong partnerships with leading global real estate agents, sales agents and financial institutions, as well as its technical expertise. The newly launched start-up team brings with them a collective experience of over AED2 billion in mortgages, over 1,000 satisfied buyers and over 500 pre-approvals. The fully digital portal includes a dedicated dashboard, and instant approvals and commissions will be disbursed through the portal itself, making it a win-win situation for both clients and agents.

In the future, PRYPTO will offer mortgages, equity releases, acquisitions, rent now pay later (RNPL), fractional ownership and other innovative concepts. Sajwani is determined to make PRYPTO the world’s largest hi-tech and real estate investment platform with plans for regional and global expansion.