Luxury Villas in Santorini at DAMAC Lagoons


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AED 2687000

Luxury Villas in Santorini at DAMAC Lagoons


Get ready to live the Mediterranean life in Damac Lagoons by Damac Properties, Santorini, an exquisite project offering luxury townhouses and villas.

Santorini, one of the most picturesque places, provokes awe and amazement at any time of year. The pristine sand beaches entice you to leave imprints and bring home memories. Push your limits in the Fitness & Wellness Zone, then take on a wall climbing challenge. Then, after a leisurely day by the natural pond, celebrate in The Clubhouse before heading to the Floating Cinema to see a movie beneath the stars.

Start a new relationship with water! DAMAC Lagoons – a new neighbourhood where stunning villas and townhouses surround pristine lagoons, white sandy beaches, tropical island moods, and a plethora of other delightful experiences – is close to the beauty of DAMAC Hills yet secluded away from the hustle.

Escape to a vacation without ever leaving your house. Immerse yourself under waterfalls. It is breathtaking to soak in the waters below waterfalls and become one with nature.

Feel the rush of water, take a leisurely plunge, or glide through sun-kissed afternoons on your kayak. Living here is a way of life that only a few can imagine.



Features & Amenities:

EXPLORE NEW EXPERIENCES Wake up, perk up, and walk out.

Take a snorkelling adventure or try a jet ski ride. Would you like to try a water trampoline? How about trekking through a lagoon zipline? Learn new techniques that will help immerse yourself in the experience and discover new things.

The beach vibes are right outside your front door without having to drive hours to another side of town. Step outside, and you’re on a white sand beach. Whether you decide to get wet in the wave pool or take a stroll along the lazy river, you can enjoy the adventure within walking distance.

You can swim or lay back in the shallows while sipping lemonade in the water as you entertain yourself. Play beach volleyball with your crew while the kids get their share of fun. Rustle up an appetite at the beachside café before you tuck into goodies. Enjoy an unforgettable live performance onboard a floating amphitheatre as the sunsets.

Kids Playground
Retail Outlets
Swimming Pool
Fine Dining


At DAMAC Lagoons, you’ll never run out of excitement in the water, but when the day has come to an end, stroll across the sands to a clearing dotted with palm trees and pick a cosy spot and watch a big-screen movie under the stars, while staying afloat in the shallows.



Enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and live in paradise with everything your heart desires and an astonishing interior matching the standard exterior and a perfect location for you to enjoy life with your loved ones.

Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: 3, 4, 5 & 6

Location Location: Damac Lagoons

Unit Type Price: AED 2687000