Emaar Avonlea at Rashid Yachts & Marina


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Emaar Avonlea at Rashid Yachts & Marina


Avonlea at Rashid Yachts & Marina is an iconic development by Emaar Properties, featuring 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom duplex apartments, and 2-bedroom townhouses in the heart of Dubai.

Avonlea's architecture blends classical elegance with a touch of modern style. Crafted with premium materials inspired by nature, this development reflects Dubai's architectural progress—a fusion of contemporary allure and cultural richness. Positioned as a jewel within the city, Avonlea offers an exquisite mix of waterfront serenity and Dubai's diverse cultural heartbeat. 

Experience refined living at Avonlea, where tasteful finishes come together to create a luxurious ambience. The open-concept design and bright tones of the apartments and duplexes complement the sleek, minimalist style typical of modern architecture. Embrace the tranquility of Avonlea, where nature harmonizes with Dubai's vibrant energy. 

These apartments and townhouses in Rashid Yachts & Marina surrounded by green spaces, Avonlea provides a peaceful setting. Explore the enchanting Pocket Park or take a stroll to the elegant Pool Canal. Close to Central Avenue and Marina Promenade, Avonlea ensures you're always at the heart of the action. Enjoy mesmerizing views of the marina and the iconic Dubai Downtown skyline from your residential haven.



Features & Amenities:

Avonlea's amenities are designed for those who appreciate excellence. Unwind in the upscale fitness centre, indulge in friendly sports competitions, or relax by the infinity pool's edge. Enjoy the canal pool, community park, fitness facility, swimming pool, boardwalk promenade, recreational courts, nursery, retail, and dining options, along with covered parking spaces. With abundant parking, your convenience is a top priority. Avonlea residents experience a daily panorama that sparks the imagination. Take in the tranquil waterfront, the lively cityscape, and the silhouette of the Burj Khalifa against the horizon, a canvas of natural beauty and cosmopolitan style.

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Emaar Avonlea is situated within Rashid Yachts & Marina, the emerging worldwide hub for sophisticated yacht owners seeking a taste of Dubai's vibrant atmosphere in a refined setting where opulence and beauty intersect. Crafted to embody the epitome of contemporary waterfront architecture, it seamlessly integrates luxurious residences with a comprehensive marina, featuring an enticing array of restaurants and boutiques, offering a distinctive interpretation of 'living at sea.' Boasting six interconnected district parks and 4,300 wet berths, this development provides residents with breathtaking vistas of the Burj Khalifa and the Arabian Sea.



Avonlea at Rashid Yachts & Marina by Emaar Properties showcases a range of apartments, duplex apartments, and townhouses in the heart of Dubai. The architectural brilliance of Avonlea harmoniously combines classical elegance with a modern twist, exemplifying the city's architectural evolution. Premium materials, inspired by the beauty of nature, enhance the development, symbolizing Dubai's journey towards contemporary allure infused with cultural richness. Nestled as a precious jewel in the cityscape, Avonlea seamlessly blends waterfront tranquility with the vibrant pulse of Dubai's diverse cultural scene. 

Key Highlights:

Unit Type Bedroom: Apartments & Townhouses

Location Location: Rashid Yachts & Marina

Unit Type Price: AED 3620888